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Mobility of Students and Staff

Erasmus Policy Statment

Erasmus Policy Statement
Accademia della Moda ensures equal opportunities of participation in all activities for all its members, regardless of gender, political or religious ideas, and social background. Many of our activities are accessible for persons with disabilities and the most disadvantaged students can benefit from ADISU grants provided by Regione Campania.
Our Institution ensures full recognition of any mobility activity abroad and related credits earned during learning mobility and award more credits for the thesis to all students who achieved a mobility or accomplished a research placement.
Accademia della Moda internalization strategy is based on two topic ideas: regional/southern identity and European/extra-European dimension. So the choice of partners will marry the search of common historic and artistic roots linked to the role of Naples in the Euro-Mediterranean lifestyle and culture in the modern and contemporary age. We will sign Bilateral Agreements with European Universities/Academies, and we will be opened to globalization processes of knowledge and education, from which originates the exchange program with China in order to move Chinese students to Fashion and Design Italian Institutions.
Accademia della Moda will select its partner universities on the basis of:
• Accreditation
• Quality of program, staff, teaching methodologies
• Educational offer
• Compatibility between Accademia della Moda programs and programs available at the hosting universities
• Interest from Accademia della Moda students
The choice of the geographical area depends on multiple factors.
Each area has characteristics and distinctive aspects strongly linked to the market and territory. Accademia della Moda offers programs in the field of Fashion, Interior and Graphic Design, visual communication and marketing. For each course Accademia della Moda determines the best location and partners.
We will choose partners that give an excellent educative offer, regardless geographical area, that give ECTS credits, and that have coherent educational path with our programs. Moreover, we will give particular attention to Institutions that have specific tutoring for incoming students to help them in matching extracurricular paths (expositions, happening, internships).
Accademia della Moda will choose with attention foreign business partners for placements: companies, textile industries, graphic studios, that can give many professional and employment opportunities to our students.
Mobility actions for students, teachers and administrative staff will pursue the following targets:
• Developing learning, comparison, and educative procedures in artistic and manufacturing field;
• Encouraging new theoretical, practical and creative knowledge, didactic actions for planning, building, and processing, the critical interpretation with particular attention to the different contexts;
• Developing the capacity of cooperating in an international dimension;
• Testing new innovative procedures in planning methodologies and programs;
• Promoting the use of ICT in processes of communication, investigation, education, and research development;
• Developing cooperation and communication between teachers and students of partner universities.
Accademia della Moda has some international student in a first cycle, who often are more used to travel abroad than local students. The mobility activities will be therefore addressed to those Italian students who pay very few attention to a study experience abroad. So we will play particular attention to inform and motivate these students on the positive aspects of participating in an exchange program that enriches people from both as professional and personal point of view.
We will do our best to make our students understand the importance of including in their curriculum a study time spent abroad, that will enlarge their cultural baggage, and give them real opportunities of exchange with other Countries. We wish that our students can meet new didactic methodologies and get incentives and opportunities of individual growth.
Living abroad, students can improve their foreign language proficiency and that represents a fundamental aspect to toward a true internationalization. Student fluent in a foreign language are future professionals who will have the openmindness, tools and skills to work abroad, sharing their knowledge, culture and ideas.
Among our targets there is also support activities in improving foreign languages, both for students and staff. This is one of the bigger barrier to mobility programs.
We will also aim to strengthen our teachers’ awareness on the importance of spending a time abroad for a training in order to transfer knowledge among professors, to observe closer different educative approaches, to acquire new skills and to share professional experiences, and to pitch Accademia della Moda on the European and international scenario that for us is a primary basis for comparison and growth.