Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degree course in Fashion Business & Management

Fashion Design Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degree course in Fashion Business & Management Enroll online
Bachelor's Degree
Course credits (ECT)
180 ETC
Professional qualification
Fashion Design Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Business & Management
With entrance exam
ITA/ENG for B2-levels
Course duration
3 years
4/5 times per week

The first Level Academic Diploma in Fashion Design – Fashion Business & Management aims to provide students with the necessary tools to manage a company in the textile-clothing sector. Students will conclude their path with a double professional profile in which, they have acquired both the knowledge of design production processes in the textile industry, and business- managerial skills.

This course will provide students with the creative capacity necessary to innovate from a managerial and research point of view, to get to imagine all the possibilities that the market can play.

Your academic journey

Things you will learn

Learn the basics of fashion design with lectures and workshops.

Subjects ECT
Pattern Making I 10
Styles, History of Art and Costume I 6
Fashion Design I 10
Culture of Fashion Materials I 6
Illustration 6
Costume Tailoring Techniques 8
Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing 6
Basics of Computer Science 4
English 4


Second Year

Subject ECT
Styles, History of Art and Costume II 6
Advertising Communication I 8
Social Media Management 6
Fashion design II 6
Styling & Portfolio I 4
Brand design 6
Design management 6
Graphic Design 10
Law, Legislation and economy of the show business I 6
English for artistic communication 4
Electives 4

Third Year

Add elective subjects and customise your training journey according to your talents.

Subjects ECT
History of Costume 6
Event & Retail Management 6
Advertising Communication II 6
Fashion design III 8
Styling & Portfolio II 4
Design system 8
Business and Corporate Strategies 4
Law, Legislation and economy of the show business II 6
External/internal extra teaching, other linguistic and computer skills, internships, and reports 4
Final Exam 8

Experience, work and learn

Our teaching method stimulates engagement and active learning. Students can experience and learn in an ever moving open lab, with actual projects and role-playing activities. 30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying, 70% Practice, labs, creation and presentation of personal projects, workshops.


Your future after graduation

youwill be a highlyspecializedprofessional figure, with various job opportunities, suchas: Product Manager, Project Manager, Development and Production Manager, store manager, Marketing Manager, Communication Manager, Brand Manager, Buyer, Consultant in fashion companies for management and control.


Tests and the final project

At the end of the three-year period, the teachers will evaluate your path to allow you to access the final test, that is, the presentation of your completed project.

The best projects will also participate in:

Fashion Graduate Italia fashion show in Milan

Publication of works in the IUAD De.Style periodical

Online Portfolio publication

Exhibitions and events by internal staff and external partners




Your future after graduation

You will be a highly skilled professional with a thorough education that will lead to several career opportunities.
You will be able to create, make and promote a fashion collection, and work as a pattern maker in a fashion firm, become a Fashion Designer or launch your own business.

Benefits for students

We believe creativity is for all. We offer a variety of benefit opportunities:

  1. Payment by instalments
  2. Grants (provided by ADISURC institution)
  3. Competitions for technical institutes and fashion enthusiasts
  4. Digital lecture notes included

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