Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus Code: I NAPOLI13

Email Address: [email protected]

IUAD – Accademia della Moda has been taking part in the Erasmus+ Program since 2014 giving the possibility to students, teachers and staff to spend a period of study, teaching or trainsheep abroad at one of the Partner Universities.

The institution is currently present in:

  • Via G. Pica 62 – 80142, Napoli
  • Via Copernico 3 – 20125, Milano

Erasmus chart

Erasmus Policy Statement


University Partner

Outgoing students

  1. Before the mobility
  • Once a suitable assignee has been found in the final graduatory, the Erasmus coordinator will proceed to nominate the student to the first destination chosen in the application. If there were not availability, we will move on to the second one and so on.
  • The receiving University will send to the nominated student, information about the application procedures, respecting a deadline fixed by the foreign institution.
  • After having received the communication of acceptance by the host University, the LEARNING AGREEMENTwill be filled in with the exams to be taken abroad.
  • After the acceptance of the Learning Agreement by the host University, the FINANCIAL AGREEMENTwill be signed, indicating the total amount of the scholarship.
  • The scholarship is paid in 2 parts: 75% before the mobility (about three weeks before) and 25% after the mobility.
  1. During the mobility
  • Filling and sending to the Erasmus coordinator the Certificate of Arrival with the real date on which the Erasmus experience begins signed by the foreign Erasmus coordinator.
  • It’s possible to make changes to the Learning Agreement agreed with your Erasmus coordinator.
  1. After the mobility
  • Delivering the original copy of the Certificate of Departure (which marks the end of the Erasmus experience) to your Erasmus coordinator.
  • Delivering the original copy of the Transcript of Recordsto your Erasmus coordinator who will proceed with the conversion and validation of the exams taken abroad.
  • Filling the narrative report (EU Survey), after to have completed that, the balance of the scholarship will be paid.

Incoming students

Nomination & Application

  • Every European student who wants to live the Erasmus experience in IUAD – Accademia della Moda Napoli/Milano, will have to:
  • Deadlines for submitting the application are:
    • 1st semester: May the 15th – Period: September / February
    • 2nd semester: November the 15th – Period: March / July
  • The acceptance of the mobilty will be confirmed with and acceptance letter received by email with all the information on how to continue the mobility process, that is:
    • Consultation of study plans based on the chosen degree course (The study plans can be consulted in our course catalogue by accessing the home page of our website).
    • How to fill the Learning Agreement.

Additional Information

  • All courses are in Italian, only the course in Fashion Design in Naples and Milan both presents the Italian/English bilingualism. Nevertheless, some teachers, regardless of the course, may decide to help Erasmus students by speaking in English.
  • Erasmus students can take part in events, workshops or seminary organized by IUAD – Accademia della Moda (according to availability).

Information about the cities of Napoli and Milano

To get more information about the cities of Napoli and Milano, on university life and spare time of the Erasmus student, you can contact the Erasmus Student Network ESN Napoli and ESN IULM Milano.

IUAD – Accademia della Moda is not a university campus, therefore: if you are looking for accommodation, we suggest you to taka a look on the HousingAnywhere or Uniplaces platform to find the most suitable solution for your needs.

Staff mobility

Outgoing / Incoming Teachers & Staff

For any type of training, teaching or job shadowing request, you can send an email to [email protected]

Storytelling – Erasmus experiences abroad

Margherita – Madrid Artediez

I believe that this  experience  it has been useful for me to grow and improve many of my character sides. Meeting new people with a different culture and thoughts, I think it has helped me, to expand my vision of life.

Before leaving, my only “concern” was my lack of knowledge of the language, which I easily learned  thanks to the fantastic people I met there, with whom I am still in touch today.

My advice is to start this path alone, taking the opportunity with a great desire to learn and live an experience just for yourself.

Enrica – Cardiff Metropolitan University

Erasmus experience has changed me a lot.

Living in contact with different cultures and lifestyles, meeting new people, experimenting with different teaching methods helped me develop a greater sense of adaptation.

It has been a growth factor both personal and professional that I recommend to anyone.

Mai – Cardiff Metropolitan University

Erasmus is the possibility to learn new things from a new point of view. You have the opportunity to see how they work abroad, to make new friends and improve your language skills.

It is an experience I will never forget, as it has enlarged my horizons bringing inspiration for a greater creativity that is fundamental in our sector “

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