Creativity is something you can’t learn. What the Academy can teach you is to apply techniques and skills to make good ideas work.

Advising for prospects

We arrange periodic meet-ups for high school students, in order to help them choose the best academic career and discover job opportunities in Fashion Design, Interior Design and Visual Communication.

Open Lab is a special academic event held in Naples and Milan where prospects can ask their questions, visit our classrooms and get involved in lessons and workshops.

Open Lab

It is an Orienting Day the chance to test yourself and discover your creativity. We organise both in Naples and Milan interactive labs with experts . Why don’t you join us? Please register here

Careers service

Our careers service aims to guide graduates and near-graduates find the best career for their skills and inclinations, by providing them with up-to-date studies and researches on the labour market, with the latest opportunities and employability options.


Our network of partner companies allow us to align our study plans to the market demand, in order to train professionals that are actually required.
We promote career opportunities and internships by connecting our best students and our partner companies.

Guidance on curriculum vitae and simulation of job interviews

Our careers service provides guidance on the creation of an effective curriculum vitae and portfolio. Students are trained with simulated job interviews, with frequent questions and suggestions on the most appropriate attitude.

How to enrol

Students admitted to the first academic year will receive an identification number.
The basic requirements for admissions to Bachelor’s degrees will be assessed through an entrance exam.
No entrance exams are required for Master’s programmes and courses, but some basic requirements are expected.

You  can enrol  at our Secretary’s office (Corso A. Lucci 156, Naples). Please call +39 081-5540383 or send an email to [email protected] for any questions.

Admission requirements

Without entrance exam

Students with a diploma from the following are eligible for the admission without entrance exam:

  • For the Fashion Design Bachelor’s Degree
    Secondary school specialising in fashion;
    Artistic high school diploma
  • For the Interior Design Bachelor’s Degree
    Secondary school specialising in technical subjects (building, environment, surveying);
    Artistic high school diploma
  • For the Visual Communcation Bachelor’s Degree
    Secondary school specialising in graphics and communication;
    Artistic high school diploma

With entrance exam

Students with high school qualifications that are not mentioned above will have to pass an entrance exam.

Documents for enrolment

  • Student enrolment form
  • Original diploma
  • Two passport photos
  • Copy of ID
  • Advance payment on the enrolment fee (please refer to [email protected] for payment details)
  • Self-certification


Bachelor’s degrees

  • First-year applicants and students from the following years: application from April; entrance exams: to be held within the first half of September
  • Study plan: ready by 21 Dicember
  • Application for variations to the study plan: by 30 June
  • Request for partial refund of annual admission fee: by 21 Dicember


You can contact orientation’s office.

Short courses

You can contact orientation’s office.


Payment by instalments

Payment terms of the academic fees must be agreed with the Secretary’s Office. Instalments do not include regional taxes, which are paid to ADISURC (institution for the right to study).

ADISURC grants

IUAD students can apply for grants and accommodation by contacting ADISURC.

Internal competitions for technical institutes

Every year we organize competitions for students of technical institutes to award scholarships for partial coverage of academic fees.

With the new edition of the fashionbook DE.STYLE, you can take part in competitions concerning fashion, interior design and communication design.

Download the enouncement (expiry date: 23/05/2022) to win scholarships:

Teaching materials

A part of the teaching material is provided by the academy (handouts, fabrics, software licences). You can also consult all the books and magazines at our fashion and design library.

Foreign students

Please refer to the Orientation Office for any information about foreign students’ application, as regulated by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (nota del 21 marzo 2005 pro. 658). For further information please visit AFAM (higher learning for arts, music and dance) for foreign students or send an email to [email protected].

EU students

Students from the European Union have to present their residency permit issued by the central Italian police station.

The documents required by the Secretary’s Office are:

  • Residency permit
  • ID/Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Italian Residence certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • 6 passport photos

Non-EU students

If you’re an extra-European citizen and you’re not residing in Italy, these are the steps to follow to enrol:

  • Before leaving: please translate and legalize your High School Diploma, fill the Form A and pre-apply at your local Italian Embassy or consulate. You have to request a Student Visa for University enrolment. All documents are available at
  • When in Italy: you are required to pass an Italian language exam ( or English only for some fashion courses) and apply for a residency permit within 8 days. Students with at least a B2-level certificate in Italian are exempted from taking the test.
  • After the Italian language exam: enrol at the Secretary’s Office in
    Corso A. Lucci 156, 80142 Napoli
    Tel/Fax (+39) 081 5540383

Students from other universities

Students who did not manage to enter the rankings in other universities or Italian AFAM institutions, can apply for re-assignment.

If you wish to be re-assigned to one of our Bachelor’s Degrees, you need to present:

  • Certificate of achievement of entrance exam in the previous university
  • Re-assignment application

The above documents must be addressed to:

  • Academic Director – Dr. Giuseppina Auricchio, via email at [email protected] or via mail at Accademia della Moda – IUAD, via G. Pica 62, 80142 Napoli
  • To the Rector of the previous University

Chinese students – Turandot programme

There are several services for Turandot students:

  • School tutoring
  • Support for accommodation
  • Language tutoring with classes to improve Italian
  • Welcome and support foreign students
  • Events, company visits and exhibitions
  • Creative workshops and competitions
  • Medical assistance
  • Insurance
  • Support for spare time activities

Turandot students regulations

General Academic Regulations

This document contains all the rules and directions for our departments.

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