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Short course
Professional qualification
Visual Merchandiser - Window Dresser
Admission Requirements
Compulsory schooling
Course duration
8 months
Once a week
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Retail stores are increasing their role as brands develop their multichannel strategies and become more self-conscious.

Visual Merchandisers understand and maximise the codes, values and tone of voice of brands in order to design and develop a consistent retail experience, the most immediate touchpoint between the brand and its customers.

Your academic journey

Things you will learn

You will acquire marketing and retail store communication competences through lectures and hands-on experiences, exploring technical skills such as materials, tools, colours, lights, stock management and communication skills including corporate identity, interior design and packaging.

    • Design
    • Sale
    • Consumers and distribution
    • Retail stores and product displaying
    • Marketing basics
    • Store communication and windows

Experience, work and learn

Our teaching method stimulates engagement and active learning. Students can experience and learn in an ever moving open lab, with actual projects and role-playing activities. 30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying, 70% Practice, labs, creation and presentation of personal projects, workshops.

30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying

70% Hands-on activities, workshops, production and presentation of personal projects, workshops

Our Training Method

Your future after the Academy

Visual Merchandisers can work in single brand retailers, where career usually starts as a shop assistant in order to acquire a complete knowledge of the product while the following steps are window fitting and visual merchandising. The highest level can be Visual Merchandising Manager, who is in charge of supervising the whole team.

You could also work as a freelance or as a travelling Visual Merchandiser, whose tasks include checking the brand quality standards across retail stores.

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