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9 months
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Fashion draftsmen are responsible for the research and design stage, setting trends and defining the inspiration for the collection.

During this 9-month course you will learn the process behind a fashion collection and get insights on the influence of the Marketing department and the product office have on the creative stage. The course is held both at our Naples and Milan headquarters.

The Fashion Draftsman/woman and Product Coordinator is a key professional in both textile-clothing and accessories industry.

Your academic journey

Things you will learn

A comprehensive journey through the study of human proportions, uses and techniques of colour, history of fashion and evaluation of fiber and textiles.


  • Graphics: human proportions and movements, uses and techniques of colour, colour choice
  • History and Sociology of Fashion: fashion as a combination of history, creativity and economics, the relationship between the evolution of style and the scientific progress
  • Professional Drawing: understanding fashion and trends through the analysis of fashion shows and events
  • Study of Fabrics: understand and choose fibers and fabrics according to the latest fashion trends and after evaluating their basic characteristics, such as quantity, cost and weight
  • Marketing and Business: some basics to help you develop competitive strategies

For further information about our fashion draftsman product coordinator course, please download the Information brochure (Italian only).

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Experience, work and learn

Our teaching method stimulates engagement and active learning. Students can experience and learn in an ever moving open lab, with actual projects and role-playing activities. 30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying, 70% Practice, labs, creation and presentation of personal projects, workshops.

30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying

70% Hands-on activities, workshops, production and presentation of personal projects, workshops

Our Training Method

Your future after the Academy

After the fashion draftsman product coordinator course you’ll be able to mix creativity, business and an innovative perception of fashion. These insights will be highly relevant for you as a fashion designer or as a freelance researcher and consultant for the fashion industry. Long-standing relationships with leading fashion firms help us support the most talented students in the placement stage.

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