Number of students 15
Duration 8 months
Frequency 1 times per week
Entry requirement High School Diploma
Final certificate Visual Merchandiser – Shop window dresser

Professional figure: the Visual Merchandiser is an accurate observer of the social reality, is an expert of market trends and consumer taste. He is responsible for the disposition of merchandise in the retail stores to make them more attractive to customer’s eyes so, as result, the visual impact is maximized and the codes and values of the brand can be recognized. He has to develop both the abilities and the skills related to marketing activities and communication, and the essential techniques to arrange a format retail which is coherent with the values and image of the brand. Technical skills (about materials, tools, colors, lights, and the management of stocks), marketing proficiency and the ability to coordinate different languages of communication (corporate identity, interior design, posters, packaging, design etc. ) are pivotal.

Career opportunities: the Visual Merchandiser can work for a corporate brand or as a freelance. Moreover there is also another figure, that is the itinerant visual, who cares about the respect of brand standards in all retail stores. Usually, in one brand store, the Visual starts his career as seller to acquire a complete knowledge of the product. The second step should be the shop window organization, and then the visual, who can be internal or external according to store’s type. Progressively it is possible to become Visual Manager, the one who coordinates and supervises the entire work of visual merchandiser’s group.


  • Design
  • The sale
  • The Consumer and the distribution
  • The Retail Stores and Display Area
  • Marketing Hints
  • The store communication and display

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