Industrial Pattern Maker

Section: womenswear /menswear / casual /kidswear/beach and sport/ corsetry and lingerie
Number of students 20
Duration 16 months
Frequency 2/3 times a week
Entry requirement High School Diploma
Final certificate Industrial pattern maker
Professional Figure: Once upon a time there was the tailor. The tailor would use traditional skills to produce a garment made to fit his client, whose physical structure he generally knew well, along with all the defects. Pattern maker is a figure that emerged after the birth of industrial techniques: this figure makes a pattern without knowing who the client is and must therefore base his work on standard measurements suitable for any size.
This is where the INDUSTRIAL PATTERN MAKER (FABRICS AND APPAREL) comes out: by means of a geometrical process, the pattern maker transforms the sketch or prototype concept created by the fashion designer into a paper pattern and modifies it for the various sizes for men, women and children.
Job opportunities: the Industrial Pattern Maker plays a primary role in the clothing sector and is therefore highly sought-after and well paid: this figure is indispensable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for the leading names in the fashion world, and a career in this job will be rewarding both financially and in terms of personal acknowledgements and commendations.
Accademia della Moda can boast over 40 years close contacts with important firms in this sector, which allow to find employment for over 60% of its students through internships or full-time contracts.
  • Basic pattern making
  • Size Grading
  • Paper pattern technique and Industrialization
  • Assembly and tailoring
  • Irregular conformations
  • Extrasize grading

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