Fashion Designer and Product Coordinator

Number of students 20
Duration 9 months
Frequency 2 times a week
Entry requirement High School Diploma
Final certificate Fashion Designer and Product Coordinator
Professional figure: fashion designers are creative people well informed about new trends and anything that regards fashion. They are responsible for researching and conceiving ideas and they create trends by defining the lines of a collection in the sector of fabrics, clothing and fashion accessories. A collection is born from a pre-established plan arranged with the marketing office and the product office and from the collaboration of the fashion designer with the pattern maker to create the prototype. Designers can work for their own brand (stylists), or they can work for firms, studios or style offices as consultants and researchers (freelances).
Career opportunities: the job opportunities available include employment with firms and professional studios operating in this sector, or going freelance after learning how to combine creativity, business and an innovative insight into the Fashion System. Long-standing relationships with leading firms in this sector allow Accademia della Moda to channel its most talented students into these businesses.
History and Sociology of Fashion
Professional Drawing
Study of fabrics
Marketing and Enterprise

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