Fashion by Giffoni

Fashion and product design joint venture in Campania together with Accademia della Moda

Giffoni always makes new experiences. One of the last experience is the recent cooperation with Accademia della Moda in Naples with which GFF is designing some projects in order to produce a line of fashion/design products.
The target is to design, to produce, and release products with a new made in Italy brand. A real joint venture aimed at product & fashion design made in Campania.
The project imagines some activities like creative labs with Accademia della Moda students together with GFF Masterclass boys to design the new brand, and a fashion brand inspired to the theme of the festival 42nd edition, happiness; an interactive magazine with pictures and videos on the young fashion trends al over the world (even in iPad version), a web-reality co-produced by Giffoni with the students, and a fashion show to introduce Giffoni fashion line.