Announcement for Master Degree in Technical Drawing for Fashion

The fashion industry is always looking for professionals increasingly dynamic and able to work independently on the entire production chain, which may provide both technical and aesthetic design.
This approach allows the designer to offer advanced consulting to minimize the margin of error and above all allows them to work on several fronts and sectors. The final goal is to ensure the acquisition of specific professional and disciplinary skills through extensive training that incorporates both technical aspects with those related to economic and socio-cultural changes.

the goal of this course is to train new highly qualified professionals with technical skills suitable for any company in the textile and clothing sector. they will be able to personally follow all the phases of the collection, they can even start their own business, or they can manage a company which works in the fashion market, preventing new trends.

Students that have achieved an Academic Diploma of first Level either a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design or other foreign qualification relating to the fashion and design industry, liberal arts degree deemed equivalent under current legislation, can be admitted to the Master's Degree in Technical drawing for Fashion.

10 scholarships will be assigned to deserving students which will cover from the 40% to the 70% of the cost.
Scholarships will be assigned according to the student’s final grade, the academic and professional merit and personal design portfolio.

University of Salerno- Bvm spa - Alcott/Capri srl - Mario Valentina - Roberto Cavalli spa - Valentino spa - Piazza Italia spa - Carpisa srl - Imap Export spa - Four Two Four srl - Gianni Molaro - Gruppo Germani srl - Kocca - Bagatelle spa - Arrichiello Ciro srl - Legea srl - CS Group srl - Centro Arredamenti Sicignano - Piccole Follie group srl - Inventa Eventscon - Pink life - E-Comunica srl - East Media srl - Giovanni cavagna - Giorgia & Johns spa

minimum number of students 08
language: English
duration of the master 12 months
frequency 2/3 times per week
final certificate Master's degree Technical Drawing for Fashion

Headquarter of learning activities: Accademia della Moda, Via Giuseppe Pica, 62 - 80142 Napoli

For more information please contact:
Accademia della Moda - Ufficio Master Lucci, 156-80142 Naples Tel. 081/5540383 - 081/289933