AnnouncemenBando Master in Design dell\' Accessorio 2018t for Master Degree in Accessory Design

Jewellery and Accessories Designer constantly analyzes the motivations coming from society, translating them in pure style studying the methods of production, industrial processes and transforming creative concept technically . Deep inspirations and refined materials make the accessory industry an ideal natural habitat for those seeking new horizons and wants to give free movement to a multi-faceted personality. Every new idea find its right dimension in this constantly growing sectors of fashion.

students will acquire planning skills and they will work with planning and design company, gold companies, and trade fairs. After completing the course, the partner companies will offer internships to the most deserving students.

Master's courses in Accessory Design admits students who have achieved an Academic Diploma of first Level in Fashion Design, Design, Graphic Design, either Bachelor's degree or other foreign qualification relating to the fashion and design industry, liberal arts degree deemed equivalent under current legislation. It does not allow simultaneous enrolment in a Master's program and other Afam or university courses.

10 scholarships will be assigned to deserving students which will cover from the 40% to the 70% of the cost.
Scholarships will be assigned according to the student’s final grade, the academic and professional merit and personal design portfolio and CV. Please send your documentation by email to :

Companies partner that will offer internships to Master's students:
Memorandum of Understanding with Assocoral, the National Association of Coral, Cameos and Related Material Producers,; Goldsmiths, Traders, Sales Agents and Designers of jewels and objects with components of Coral, Cameos and Related Material.

minimum number of students 08
language: English
duration of the master 12 months
frequency 3/4 times per week
final certificate master's degree in Accessory Design

Headquarter of learning activities: Accademia della Moda, Via Giuseppe Pica, 62 - 80142 Napoli
For more information please contact: Accademia della Moda - Ufficio Master Lucci, 156-80142 Naples Tel. 081/5540383 - 081/289933 email: