International Marketing and Communication of Italian Style

I Level Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Communication of Italian Style

Minimum number of students 8
Duration:  12 months
Frequency: 3/4 times per week
Final certificate: Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Communication of the Italian Style

Entry requirements: students who have achieved an Academic Diploma of First Level (180 CFA) either degree or foreign qualification recognized as equivalent according to local regulations (Economics and Liberal arts) will be admitted to the Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Communication of the Italian Style

Possible benefits for participants: there are 10 scholarships offered by partner companies which partially cover the enrollment fee for the most deserving students, ranging from 40% to 70% of the total price and allocated on the basis of income and merit; for how to apply for the scholarship, contact the Master Office.

Professional figure: the professional, trained during this Master, will be an expert in International Marketing of Italian style, with specific technical skills, which are the indispensable use of the Web and graphic programs, photo editing, up to the policy of foreign markets, with deep knowledge of cultural, economic and legislative scenarios of the major growing markets such as Asia, Russia and affiliated Republics, part of north Africa, Arab countries and Eastern Europe, up to an advanced knowledge of English.


  • Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing
  • Economics and the Art Market
  • Design Management
  • Net Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Logic and enterprise organization
  • Graphic Design
  • English
  • Internship

Final exam

Career opportunities: during the course, students will be trained to become young, educated and skilled professionals, ready to operate in a global, dynamic and increasingly developing market. The professional figure, having acquired technical skills, will be able to take care of the planning and management of the company internationalization process. He can also promotes business activities, highly innovative skill and creative content.

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