Accessory Design

Minimum number of students: 25
Duration: 12 months
Frequency: 3/4 times per week
Final certificate: Master’s degree in Accessory Design

Entry requirements: To the Master’s Degree in Accessory Design is admitted who has achieved an Academic Diploma of first Level (180 CFA) in Fashion Design, Design, Graphic Design, Bachelor degree or other foreign qualification relating to the fashion and design industry, or Liberal arts degree deemed equivalent under current legislation. It does not allow simultaneous enrolment in a Master’s program and other Afam or university courses.

Possible benefits for participants: there are 10 scholarships offered by partner companies which partially cover the enrollment fee for the most deserving students, ranging from 40% to 70% of the total price and allocated on the basis of income and merit; for how to apply for the scholarship, contact the Master Office.

Professional figure: the study path in Accessory Design aims to train students in technical design and illustrate and segment production steps giving a complete vision of the production chain. The information relate to both jewellery world in all its complexity, and the compartment of applied metal fittings, very widespread in the fashion industry. This type of knowledge embraces both traditional techniques and new technologies, analyzing the latest industrial developments making the study path close to the real needs of the sector.


  • Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Type of Materials
  • Techniques of digital modelling
  • Modelling
  • History of artistic techniques
  • Logic and enterprise organization
  • Internship

Final Exam

Career opportunities: students will acquire planning skills and will work with planning and design company, gold companies, and trade fairs. After completing the course, partner companies will offer internships to the most deserving students.

Business partners with internship agreements: Companies partner that will offer internships to Master’s students.

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