Bassano Clara

Lecturer of Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Clara Bassano is a research professor in Business Economics and Marketing at the Faculty of Economics at Parthenope University of Naples. She was at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, where she was responsible for the analysis of the SSME (Service Science Management Engineering). She was awarded with the IBM Faculty Award 2010 for academic achievements in the field of Scientific Services. SHe is also  member of the Large Service Systems Work Group (LSSWG) of Carnegie Mellon, Silicon Valley, at NASA's Research Camp. Her main field of interest concerns studies on the governance and management of small and medium-sized enterprises She is the author of several publications, articles, monographs and acts of international conferences concerning the most appropriate reticular configuration research, such as networks, districts, creative groups, service systems. She became an associate editor of the "IT Sevices" program, after taking part in the 2010 International Conference on Computer Systems (ICIS) in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Casillo Maria

Lecturer in Pattern Making, Tailoring Techniques for Costume and Costume Processing Techniques

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

From 1988 to 1990, she attended the School of Tailoring Arts in Naples and Pattern Making for the Textile Clothing Industry, acquiring the teaching license. Subsequently, she attended the Accademia della Moda in Naples from 1991 to 1993, graduating in Fashion Design and Patternmaking Technical Designer textile-clothing sector.She has signed numerous collaborations with companies in the textile-clothing sector, as product and quality control manager for, CASILCONF snc. From 1994 to 1995, she was external consultant, for style and pattern, at the company "Venere" lingerie production, in Naples. From 1995 to 2000, she was a member of the Studio Modellistico Associato, and at the same time an external consultant as a stylist and pattern maker for the company "Gianfranco Alfaci", haute couture clothing production.From 2000 to 2002 she is responsible for the product, quality control at the Fashion Academy Studio, and external consultant for the company "Salvatore Prisco".In 2006 she collaborates with the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, as costume coordinator, for the educational project "Naposwing", a musical by Giuseppe Schiattarella with set design of Prof. Angelo La Fera.From 2003 to present she is a Pattern Making Lecturer at Accademia della Moda, Naples.


Colasanto Salvatore

Lecturer of History of Contemporary Architecture

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Interior design and Architecture

After graduating in Architecture at the University "Federico II" of Naples, in 2005 he founded the studio COLASANTO / MAIONE Architetti with Giovanni Maione.He has dealt with various design experiences, from interior design to the design of exhibition spaces, through the creation of design objects to visual merchandising, working both in Italy and abroad.Since 2007 he has been training and teaching on different Institution.
crop_150_192_de luca

De Luca Matilde

Lecturer of Design Management

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

She is a Lecturer with about 10 years of experience in the field of fashion and business consulting, with consolidated skills in academic, professional and entrepreneurial training, gained in the course of his career, particularly through her experiences with Finstudi Formazione in Rome, the Ese.
As a consultant, she successfully applied academic knowledge to clients' needs, obtaining lasting and measurable results and, in turn, experiential knowledge enriched the academic knowledge.
Domenico_Catapano (2)

Domenico Catapano

Lecturer of Marketing and Management

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Lecturer in charge in Industrial Design (MAPA) and Communication Design (DBE) -  Architecture Faculty, University of Federico II in Naples.
He has been a lecturer in Graphic Design for the Master Courses at ILAS, Institute of Communication, and lecturer in Graphic Design and Strategic Design at the Istituto Superiore di Design of Naples.
He is currently Creative Director of A LAB. He worked, among others, for: Agos Ducato, Alcott, Amnesty International, Antony Morato, Bayer, Betwoin, Caffè Trucillo, Confindustria, Edreams, Electa, Fay, Harmont & Blaine, Ing Direct, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lamborghini, Maggiore, Menarini , Pasta Antonio Amato, Regione Campania , Regione Lazio , Acqua Santo Stefano, Same Deutz-Fahr, Slow Food, Snav, Ssc Naples, Therabel, Uil, Valentino Rossi - Vr46, Wwf.
World Gourmet Society Member and food photographer, writes for Foodmakers. Since 1990 he has chosen to live cruelty-free: vegan, attentive to the sustainability of his lifestyle, in his free time he paints following the teachings of Rothko, Yves Klein, Fontana, Emblema


Falco Luigi

Lecturer in Graphic Design I and Computer Graphic I

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

After graduating from the Artistic High School of Naples, in 1988 he obtained the Qualification as an Advertising Graphic, as soon as he graduated, he starts to work in this specific sector, taking care of the concept planning and design of images and products for advertising communication.

Frisone Nicoletta

Lecturer in Fashion Design, Styles of Art History and Costume

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design

Artistic, dynamic and in many ways self-taught.
Grown up in the fashion world thanks to her parents, as a young girl she started to train in applied creativity.
Quiet in appearance, strong in character, steady in her educational path, she never evaded obstacles.
Motivated even in adulthood, she loves the relationship with the learners. She spend her free time reading grey literature.

Granata Arcangelo

Lecturer of Culture of Fashion materials

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design.

Graduated in Science at the University of Human Sciences in Rome, enrolled in the Association of Industrial Experts Graduates of the Province of Naples n. 4331 - and secretary for textile and chemical dyers commission.
- Lecturer in Textile Technological Laboratory at I.T.I.S. L. da Vinci (NA) from November 2001 to present.
- General Manager at Studio Granata e C., study of textile analysis, use in industrial property, counterfeiting, quality control and management, REACH, GB, CEE Directives, etc.
He boast professional collaborations with the designer Gianni Molaro, as manager for C.Q.S. Gigiessegroup S.p.A. (Betwoin, Exigo, Zip, Cotton Star, Braddock, Wop, BBJ, Rocco Barocco, Momo Design, Elvstrom, Luigi Borrelli.) as Consultant for Imap Exoprt S.p.A. (Original Marines and the world of Original Marines) SMA construction (minimum standards) and quality control manager (textile manager quality).
He is also Consultant for quality control and SMA construction (minimum goods acceptance standard) at the C.M.C. by Ottaviano, for Marta Marzotto brand.


Immacolata Eldorre

Lecturer in Design Methodology of Visual Communication

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Graphic and web designer with a particular inclination towards optimization, efficiency, simplification and functionality-oriented.
She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in graphic design for public communication.
Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC and Adobe Certified Associate in Indesign CC.
Passionate in designing web interfaces and making them work in the most logical and competent way possible.
" When I project, I like to put in my user experiences a pinch of  common sense together with the rules of UI and UX design.
Being a perfectionist leads me to work hard in order to always reach the best results"


Lebro Marina

Lecturer of Anthropology of Complex Societies

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

She has gained 20 years of experience in the Textile and Fashion sector, collaborating with Italian and foreign companies and public and private companies.
After having studied Anthropology she continued to study in  Italy and England at Marangoni of Milan and at the Prestigious Central St, Martin's College of Arts in London, with a post-graduate Master in Textile.
In Italy from 2005 to early 2010 he held the position of Head of Training, and of the sector events at the Regional Campus of Fashion and Textiles in Campania.
she has ongoing collaborations with public institutions such as Isve (Istituto Sviluppo Economico), with the CNR Ibimet department of Florence, has collaborated with numerous Italian and foreign Universities as a teacher and as a Relator in Courses and Masters, she has collaborated abroad with the Tunisian Ministry of Education, with the Institute of Cotton Technology of Cairo, Egypt,and with the Network of Municipalities of Crete, also with the Séma of Paris, France. President of Med & Cult project development. She is active on the territory with a series of initiatives aimed at highlighting and promoting a culture of the South and the Mediterranean. In September 2010 and lately also in 2011 she was the Italian delegate, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the World Congress of the ICAC for the world cotton policies, in Lubbock, Texas and in Argentina.
For years she has worked with companies and big names in fashion, through Atom Studios and the New Leaf studios in London, such as Banana Republic, Gap, C. Klein, Sugar, and in Italy, he sold textile collections for Max Mara, her collections and exhibitions have been exhibited both in Italy and abroad (England).



Lettieri Carla

Lecturer in Graphic Design

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

Twenty years of experience in teaching pattern making, fashion design and graphic design CAD of textile clothing at various public and private Institutions.
External consultant for design, style manager, and collections coordinator at several famous textile companies in Naples. In 1999 she founded the Fashion Academy Studio, a design consulting studio for industries in the textile clothing sector. SHe is also art director for the fashionbook Magazine Modaè.


Lombardo Gorizia

Lecturer in Fashion Design

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

She began his professional activity in the jeans industry in 1989 and since then has a passion for this sector which, even as a freelancer, has never completely abandoned. Since 1992 he has working in the beachwear and underwear fields. She is lecturer for various institutions, she has collaborated with foreign companies of import accessories. Today she is freelance for the casual sector.


Maione Giovanni

Lecturer in Typology of Materials I

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Interior design and Architecture

After graduating with honors in Architecture at the University of Naples "Federico II", in 2005 he founded the studio COLASANTO / MAIONE Architetti.
He continues his training with a Master in Visual Merchandising at the IED in Milan.
He works in the field of interior design, design of exhibition spaces and visual merchandising, with experiences in Italy and abroad.


Matteo Anatrella

Lecturer in Direction

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Photographer, photoeditor and Lecturer in direction and photography, he has developed an experience that led him to meld photographic technique and image dynamism, creating an elegant combination of style and research. In his shots we can read the desire to surprise the spectator, through colors and contrasts, bringing him within his vision / story, in the constant attempt to propose images full of soul capable of generating in the viewer a whirling motion of feelings / suggestions, that sometimes tighten the heart, but more often that open their eyes to an horizon of dreamlike stories. He has realised the project "Soul and Matrix Envelopes of the Soul" which revolves around the concept of soul and matter.
" Images talk to us, and every day starts again, ineluctably, from photography".


Mazzone Barbara

Lecturer of Modeling I, Modeling II, Techniques for the elaboration of the costume, Techniques of digital modeling

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

She graduated first as a Technical Clothing and Fashion and later with a second diploma (obtained in Naples) as a Chief Technician specialized in textile production.
When in 1999 she moved to Naples, in addition to attending the course of Industrial Pattern Maker (men's, women's and children's section) and Fashion Designer at the Accademia della Moda, she began collaborating with the  High Fashion designer Gianni Molaro. She has also collaborated with some servers for the design of various collections in both fabric and leather.
In 2002 she received, even if in the course of a purely male competition called "Golden Scissors Competition", a special recognition as the best technical design.
Since 2011 she has attended workshops in Rome in the field of theatrical clothing and accessories, until in 2015 she attended a theatrical tailoring course where she approached the design as well as the packaging techniques that are used in the field of historical reproduction.
Even today, despite his full-time teaching, she has never stopped working in the field of tailoring and collaborating with companies for the design of men's, women's and children's clothing and beachwear.
Currently, in addition to teaching the modules mentioned above, she is the responsable for the master of technical design for fashion and collaborates with the Accademia to update the educational texts.


Milone Michele

Lecturer of Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design and in Interior Design

Graduated in Business and Economics, He is a Chartered Accountant and Communication and Public Relations Expert.
He has a ten-year experience in the field of "global" training and business consulting, especially  for what concerns the relationship marketing and the management of entertainment companies.

foto catapano

Rossella Catapano

Lecturer in Fashion Design

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

Diploma of Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker at the Institute Marangoni 
Ten-year collaboration with "Gianni Versace s.p.a" as  assistant for style and product office with specialization in women's pret a porter and haute couture fashion.
She is a consultant for prêt-à-porter and haute couture designer, but she has her own brand.
Since 2004 to present she has been Lecturer for Accademia della Moda.


Scialò Giovanni

Lecturer in Textile Culture

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

He is Textile Industrial Expert and expert in business creation in the textile / clothing sector. Coordinator of the Textile Commission of Industrial Experts of the province of Benevento.
Enrolled in the register of C.T.U. Textile, furniture, clothing and footwear sector at the Court of Benevento. Textile Analyst at the Textile Studio Granata & C. chemical-textile analysis laboratory. Expert in quality control of yarns, fabrics and dyes as well as their production processes. Designer C.A.D. of Jacquard fabrics for furniture at Tesseci Tessitura Serica Cicala srl. , F.ll. Bologna and Marcaccio Opificio serico srl. Consultant at TINTOSETA srl dyeing house, LAVASUD laundry and Filo and Giù S.r.l.


Siano Alfonso

Lecturer in Advertising Communication

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Alfonso Siano is Full Professor in Marketing (Bachelor's Degree) and Corporate Communication and Brand Management (Master's Degree) at the Department of Social Politics and Communication Sciences of the University of Salerno, where he is Scientific Director of the Laboratory and Communication Observatory for Sustainability. Previously he was Researcher of Management at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. He has interests in studies and research in the fields of corporate communication, corporate reputation, branding, marketing, sustainability communication. He has published 8 books and various book chapters. He has published in various international academic journals: Journal of Business Research, Sustainability, Journal of Marketing Communications, Corporate Communications: An International Journal, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Communication Management, International Studies of Management and Organization, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Museum of Management and Curatorship, International Business Research, International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, The International Journal of Knowledge , Culture and Change Management, The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, International Journal of Management Cases. Finally, he published several articles in Italian academic journals: Sinergie Italian Journal of Management, Marketing and Production Finance, Markets and Competitiveness, Micro & Macro Marketing, Business Experiences, Economics and Tertiary Law.


Siciliano Livia

Docente di Modellistica, Tecniche sartoriali per il costume e Tecniche di elaborazione per il costume

Dipartimento di Progettazione e Arti applicate
Corso di Laurea Triennale in Design della Moda

External consultant for different companies and modeling studies in the textile and lecturers for private and public institutions.

"I had a passion for fashion and design since I was a child, having grown up among the scraps of fabric was unavoidable! After years of study I've understand hat the most satisfying thing for me is to realise garments ... .. a schetch no matter how beautiful is remains only a drawing if there is no one who can realise it! "


Simonetti Anna

Lecturer in Pattern Making

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

Freelance pattern maker and designer and professor. 
She carries out her consulting activity in the child, woman and men's shirts sectors.


Spoti Anna

Lecturer in Fashion Design

Department of Design and Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

Designer and Lecturer in Fashion Design 
Graduated in fashion and costume, specialized as an industrial pattern makig and product technics.
She boasts important collaborations with fashion companies as a style consultant for the creative director of women's Pret a porter Clips and Paola Antonini collections, other important collaborations to mentioned are with prestigious companies of the Campanian and Tuscan men's tailoring such as ISaia and Isaia, Kiton, D'Avenza.
She has always worked as a freelance and taught fashion design at tads and in different private Institution.