Foreign students - enrollment

The number of places available for non-EU foreign students, reserved for a.y. 2016/2017 at Accademia della Moda in Naples is 50 units.

EU students

They can apply for enrollment at Accademia della Moda upon presentation of the regular residence permit issued by the Police Headquarters of the Italian Police.

Attached to the residence permit, the other documents to be presented to one of the designated Secretariat Offices are:


• Identity card/Passport

• Birth certificate

• Certificate of Domicile in Italy

• Graduation certificate

• 6 passport photos


Foreign students extra U.E. - application for pre-enrollment

If you are an extra-European citizen and you do not already reside in Italy, you must follow these three steps to enroll in the three-year degree course in Fashion Design:

1. Before leaving: apply for pre-enrollment with the “Form A” through the Italian Embassy (or Consulate, if competent) and request a "university enrollment" study visa in your country of origin. (application for pre-enrollment attached)

2. When you arrive in Italy: take the Italian language test in September and request a residence permit within 8 days. Students with Italian language proficiency certification no less than B2 are exempted.

Passed the Italian language test, the student can proceed with the enrollment


- by submitting the application form online on

- Or by going to the administrative secretary office located in Corso A. Lucci n°156, 80142 - Naples – ITALY

TEL - FAX (+39) 081 5540383



Students who are not classified in a ranking position suitable to the number of places reserved, they can apply at another University or AFAM institution, by October 28th 2016, for:

• REASSIGNING, for our three-year degree course, at our institution, together with the certification of passing the tests taken at the University originally chosen.

The request for reassignment must be presented by the candidates to the Director of Accademia della Moda Dr. Giuseppina Auricchio, online at the following email address: or directly at the Headquarters of Naples located in Via G. Pica 62 (near the Central Station) 80142 - Naples – Italy; Tel - Fax (+39) 081 5540383

and addressed as well to the Rector of the University where the admission exam was held, or the previous registration took place.


The Chinese students participating in the "Turandot" Project present, starting from April 29, 2016, the application for pre-enrollment in the Bachelor's Degree Program IN DESIGN OF THE FASHION WITHIN AND NOT BEYOND THE 26 AUGUST 2016.

For more information on terms and conditions download the attachment


Initiatives for the reception

• Didactic Tutoring at the International Office

• Support for accommodation research or requests of Accademia della Moda apartments

• Linguistic tutoring: support in the implementation of the Italian language, through free courses

• Erasmus Day, a day of welcome for incoming students to guide them to the services and lessons that will attend, with the distribution of leaflets related to the activities

• Evening activities to support socialization with the students of Accademia della Moda: happy hour at the Accademia della Moda buvette, events dedicated to foreign students, guided tours and / or exhibitions, specific fairs, etc.

• Creative workshops and participation in competitions, launched by Accademia della Moda or other institutions

• Medical assistance

• Insurance coverage

• Assistance in leisure activities

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