Tailoring Laboratoty for Male Garment

Number of students 20
Duration 16 months
Frequency 2/3 times a week
Entry requirement compulsory education
Final certificate Tailor

Professional figure: tailors are the heart of design process; they make possible the fascinating journey which goes from concept to finished garment. A halfway between tradition and excellence, the work of tailor is increasingly rare and complex. Today, excelling in this extraordinary discipline means to travel around the world and transmit the great values of Neapolitan tailoring tradition and the “Made in Italy style”. China, Russia, Japan, USA and many other places in the world admire and have always appreciated the quality of our tailoring.

Career opportunities : tailoring Laboratory for Male Garment of Accademia della Moda, with the help of well-known professionals of the sector, aim to extend this extraordinary tradition getting students close to a comprehensive and structured educational path that will allow them to fully understand the logic of modelling and development of garments treating the related applications linked to bespoke suits.


During this course, students receive stratified training. It starts from the study of small size pattern with the implementation of specific schemes and the study of measurement tables, then gradually move to the work on paper pattern and tailoring. Starting from the shirt, focusing on all its components, such as the buttonhole, collar and cuffs up to the coats, then working on various weight fabrics

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