Industrial Pattern Maker CAD Operator

Number of students 17
Duration 5 months
Frequency Once a week
Entry requirement Compulsory education
Final certificate Industrial Pattern Maker CAD Operator

Professional figure: this is a course on computerized design of patterns using a number of specific programs. The use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) has brought about considerable innovations in the working system of pattern making office. Operators have the impression that they are working with their own patterns and products, with all the advantages afforded by the use of PC: speed, reliability, filing capacity and organization. The industrial pattern maker (fabrics and apparel) cad operator is thus a pattern maker with I.T. skills who carried out the model making process on a computer instead of on paper.

Career opportunities: In recent years, many clothing manufacturing companies and fashion houses have adopted CAD systems for pattern making; consequently the demand for young people with I.T skills has increased. Therefore, knowledge of CAD for Industrial Pattern Making (Fabrics & Apparel) has become a compulsory requisite.

The course trains students on how to use a high-tech software package for the integrated management from pattern drawing to the manufacture of garment.

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