Hostess and Fashion Model

Number of students 20
Duration 8 months
Frequency 2 times a week
Entry requirement compulsory education
Final certificate Hostess and Fashion Model

Professional figure: models, actresses and TV presenters who know how to dress well, move elegantly, make good use of make up and have a proper facial expression and body language can improve overall beauty and may pave the way to success. This course aims to identify and highlight the personal aptitudes that help achieve success in the world of fashion and entertainment, for instance, by meeting the growing demand for hostesses providing registration services and assistance at conferences and meetings, or simply improving one’s image, whether at work or home.

Career opportunities: access to this type of career is facilitated by the teaching staff of Accademia della Moda, made of eminent figures from the world of fashion and entertainment, choreographers and photographers, hairdressers and make-up artists. During the course, these professionals offer deserving students the opportunity to participate in job selection interviews with specialized agencies, casting sessions for fashion parades, advertising campaigns and photographic services.


  • Attitude and posture
  • Fashion parade technique and choreography
  • Diction
  • Expression and posing
  • Mime
  • Hair Styling
  • Make-up

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