Cinema and advertising direction

Cinema and advertising direction

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Bachelor's Degree
Course credits (ECT)
180 ECT
Cinema and advertising direction Bachelor's Degree
With entrance exam
Course duration
3 years

The Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Advertising Direction aims to provide the cognitive tools for the creation of audiovisual products for both cinema and advertising.

The goal is to provide students with all the elements to learn the production process of different visual formats (feature films, short films, commercials, teasers, etc.), from creative writing to editing, production and post-production.

Through theory and practical courses you will acquire a complete training that includes full knowledge and mastery of the entire production process, in which the Director coordinates the various professionals involved, stimulating their creativity and synergy for the production of multimedial  contents.


I Year

Subjects ECT
Direction I 10
Script-writing 8
History of cinema 6
Art Direction I 4
Photography 6
Film shooting techniques 8
Set Design I 6
Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing 4
Basics of Computer Science 4
English 4
Total ECT 60

II Year

Subjects ECT
Direction II 10
Copywriting 8
History of video advertising 6
Art Direction II 8
Direction of photography 6
Assembly techniques 8
Organization and production of media art 4
Sound design 6
Set design II 4
Total ECT 60


III Year

Subjects ECT
Direction III 10
Art Direction III 8
Costume for the entertainment 6
Law, legislation and economics of the entertainment 6
Video editing 6
Audio and mixing 6
Electives 6
External/internal extra teaching, other linguistic and computer skills, internships, and reports 4
Final Exam 8
Total ECT   60


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