Accessories Design Master's Course

Master's Course
Master's Course in Accessories Design
Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, Design, Graphic Design | Degree or other foreign qualification (fashion and design, liberal arts or disciplines deemed equivalent by law)
Course duration
12 months
Application deadline
31 January 2019
3/4 times per week
Students per Class
Min. 25

Jewellery Designers can transform everything they see or feel into a precious object, because they know how to choose, mix, match and transform different materials.

The jewellery and accessories industry is a dynamic and fast-growing industry. This programme will guide you through the industrial processes and production methods, giving you a complete understanding of the production chain.

Students with a bachelor’s degree, degree or equivalent qualifications can enrol to this one-year master with an attendance of 3/4 times per week.

Your academic journey

Things you will learn

During this one-year accessories design master you will study the jewellery and accessories industry from design to management, with our practical approach.


  • Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Type of Materials
  • Techniques of digital modelling
  • Modelling
  • History of artistic techniques
  • Logic and enterprise organisation
  • Internship

Final exam

The final exam is structured in two parts, a written thesis presenting the theoretical topics and a practical exam.


We offer many internships opportunities through our partners (artisan associations and designers).

  • National association of producers of Coral and Cameos
  • Goldsmiths, Retailers, Sales agents and Jewellery Designers (coral, cameos, similar materials)

Experience, work and learn

Our teaching method stimulates engagement and active learning. Students can experience and learn in an ever moving open lab, with actual projects and role-playing activities. 30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying, 70% Practice, labs, creation and presentation of personal projects, workshops.

30% Lectures, classroom activities, reading and studying

70% Hands-on activities, workshops, production and presentation of personal projects, workshops

Our Training Method

Your future after the Academy

You will acquire design capabilities that will give you access to design, jewellery and trade show companies.

Benefits for students

We offer 10 scholarships to partially cover the enrolment fee for the most talented students. The scholarship covers from 40% to 70% of the total price and is allocated on the basis of the students’ income and merit. Please contact the Master Office for further information.

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