Design and Interior Architecture

Admission requirement: High school Diploma
Access to the course: Free with an entry test
Final diploma: Three year diploma in Design and Interior architecture*

Training objectives: the three year diploma in Design and Interior architecture has the aim of providing student with the necessary skills to develop an interior design project in its various stages: from the concept to the design and the meta-design up to the control of the actual implementation of the project. The fundamental skills acquired during the course concern: interpreting users’ needs as well as the social, cultural and psychological aspects that affect the ergonomic method of use of spaces; the development of innovative design solutions consistent with the different ways of using the rooms by their users;

Career opportunities : once completed the studies, graduate will represent a highly qualified professional figure, he/she will be perfectly able to start the profession and professional activities at companies.
Other areas of work for the interior designer are businesses retail/visual merchandising -oriented as well as professional studies and design firms concerned about functional transformation activities of factories, offices and industrial structures.

CFA 180


I Year

  • History of modern art
  • Interior architecture I
  • Fundamentals of computer design
  • Design I
  • Types of materials I
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Lighting engineering
  • Fundamentals of computer science
  • English

II Year

  • History of contemporary art
  • Interior architecture II
  • Design II
  • Digital modeling techniques 3D
  • Types of materials II
  • Design culture
  • Textile culture
  • Design methodologies
  • Light Design
  • Electives

III Year

  • Art anthropology
  • Interior architecture III
  • Design III
  • Urban design Virtual architecture
  • Ecodesign
  • Design management
  • Electives:
  • Additional language skills, interpersonal, computer training courses, internships

Final Exam

Documento n.1

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Documento n.2

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