About us

For over 40 years, Accademia della Moda has been working  in the training fields of fashion and design  academic discipline.

Conceived in 1960s by the master tailor Domenico Lettieri it is now a reference point for young people who want to have a career in design and artistic branch. Students can choose among a range of different courses, moreover Accademia della Moda also provide for Three-years degree in Fashion design as well as for Graphic Design and Visual Communication and Interior Architecture. 

Teachings starts from marketing research to industrial design in fabrics, clothing, and footwear field, as well as for interior design, by using the most updated CAD systems.  All courses have practical application on job market, their contents are connected to the real needs of the market demand. The teaching staff includes experts on fashion and design industry , their role is to give students the right competence and skills to properly approach to the world of work, updating the study plan every year .

The common goal of Academia's  courses is to let students acquire skills and tools necessary for placement in the fashion  and design world , educating highly specialized figures in all branches  , who will be able to conform to different work reality, such as industries, fashion studios, craft workshops, or in freelance market. Students' Secretary  staff offers  assistance for all matters concerning student's life from the matriculation to the final exams, help students in finding jobs or internships   Accademia della Moda Orientation Department collaborates with many companies to introduce new graduate students in practical activities and internships in order to complete their education and have an overview of the design world.

The orientation office deals both with the research of  companies,  and recruiting the right professional figures suitable for their needs and helping  graduate students  finding a job always considering their inclinations and talent. Accademia della Moda constantly updates study plans according to the new demand of the fashion market and its strong point  is the high percentage of placement of its graduate students. 

Since 2017, the Accademia della Moda has opened a branch in Milan near the central station and is accredited for Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design.