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Hostess-Fashion Model

Lessons are entrusted to a team of teachers who are all professionals from this sector so that they can show students how to exploit the qualities needed to ensure a constantly successful and professional image.

Bearing and Posture

Lessons begin with a basic look at posture (head, shoulders, legs): students will work on the whole body to gain control of every component part. The next step will be to harmonise the various movements so that students can learn to use their body confidently in every situation.

Fashion parade technique and Choreography

In this module, students learn the correct posture to adopt during a fashion parade and how to move in harmony with the music, through careful use of timing. There are a number of fundamental techniques to be learnt: walking down the runway alone, in pairs or in a group, exchanges, crossovers, the entrance and the exit. The lessons teach students how to be expressive while wearing any from a variety of garments and how to highlight the particular features and accessories.

Expression and Posing for the photographer

The aim of this module is to learn to use facial expression and body language and to become familiar with the camera. Students will be taught how to pose and control their image in front of the camera both in the studio and at outdoor locations.


During lessons, students will be given an overview of the main rules of social behaviour and their practical application at the dinner table, at society events and in the workplace.

Hair Styling

Students will learn the basic techniques of hair styling and hair care treatments. Students will be asked to choose the most suitable cut, colour and style for a number of different faces.


This module allows students to acquire a basic grounding in make-up by analysing facial morphology. Professional make-up artists teach not only the techniques of their profession but also how to understand a face, how to transform an imperfection into a positive trait, and how to identify the most suitable type of make up for a variety of different occasions. The module includes lessons on corrective, photographic and artistic make-up.






The models, actresses and TV presenters that we see in everyday life show that knowing how to dress well, move elegantly, make good use of make up and have an expressiveness in facial expression and body language can improve overall beauty and may pave the way to success.
This course aims to identify and highlight the personal aptitudes that help achieve success in the world of fashion and entertainment, for instance, by meeting the growing demand for hostesses providing registration services and assistance at conferences and meetings, or simply to improve one's image, whether at work or home.


Access to this type of career is facilitated by the teaching staff at the Accademia della Moda, who are eminent figures from the world of fashion and entertainment, choreographers and photographers, hairdressers and make-up artists. During the course, these professionals offer deserving students the opportunity to participate in job selection interviews with specialised agencies, casting sessions for fashion parades, advertising campaigns and photographic services.