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Who we are

For over 40 years Accademia della Moda has been providing training services for Fashion and Design industries.
Conceived in 1960s by the master tailor Domenico Lettieri it is now a point of reference for young people who want to have a career in design and artistic field.
This active and dynamic Institution offers the opportunity for a full, professional, and qualified education featured by marked interdisciplinary matters both for image and visual communication, and for marketing dynamic, and so on.
There is a wide of course, including courses in fashion, interior design, pattern making.
The subject range from commercial research to industrial design in fabrics, clothing, and footwear field, as well as interior design, by using the most updated CAD systems. All courses have practical application on job market, as their contents are tailored on the real needs of the domain. The staff managing the courses includes professional and administrative figures from the sector who constantly update and improve the study plans.
The common goal of Accademia della Moda courses is to educate highly specialized figures for the various sectors of Fashion and Design, who will be able to find employment in various way: industries, fashion studios, craft workshops, or in freelance market.


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