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Industrial pattern maker

The aim of this course is to provide all the tools and notions needed to enable students to work as Industrial pattern makers in the fabrics-clothing sector and, therefore to transform the designer's sketch into a pattern according to the standard scales.

Pattern making sections:

Men's Wear, Ladies Wear, Children's Wear, Beach Collection, Corsetry, Casual, Shirts & Blouses, Furs.

Basic pattern making

As in the oldest tailoring tradition, it all starts with the study of basic anatomical measurements. Students can study the tables of standard measurements and ratios accompanying the pattern-making manual, and learn how to use these measurements to make the basic pattern.

Development of sizes

At this stage of the course, students study the ratios and relationships between the different sizes and learn how to proportion the pattern to the various sizes required.

Paper pattern technique and Industrialisation

The indispensable technique of pattern making is further investigated: the industrial pattern maker's main task is to transform the sketch or prototype information prepared during the design phase, into a paper pattern for use in the subsequent phases of industrial manufacture.

Assembly and tailoring

This training course also includes final testing: this is a physical test performed by cutting the paper pattern on canvas and then applying it to a tailor's mannequin to see how it falls and check its overall look.

Irregular conformations

The future pattern maker is provided with the theoretical and practical tools to solve any problems regarding different anatomical features that are considered to be irregular.

Development of outsizes

The research laboratories at the Accademia della Moda closely monitor changes in physical human form and constantly update the tables of standard measurements used in Italy and abroad: students are consequently taught to also take into consideration the so-called 'DROP' sizes and all those measurements considered irregular.



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Once upon a time there was the tailor. The tailor would use traditional skills to produce a garment that was made to fit his client, whose physical structure he generally knew well, along with any defects. The pattern maker is a figure that emerged after the birth of industrial techniques: this figure makes a pattern without knowing who the client is and must therefore base his work on standard measurements suitable for any size.
This is where the INDUSTRIAL PATTERN MAKER (FABRICS AND APPAREL) comes into the scene: by means of a geometrical process, the pattern maker transforms the sketch or prototype concept created by the fashion designer into a paper pattern and modifies it for the various sizes for men, women and children.


The Industrial Pattern Maker plays a primary role in the clothing sector and is therefore highly sought after and well paid: this figure is indispensable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for the leading names in the fashion world, and a career in this job will be rewarding both financially and in terms of personal acknowledgements and commendations. The Accademia della Moda can boast over 40 years close contact with important firms in this sector, which enable it to find employment for over 60% of its students through internships or full-time contracts.