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Telling abuot us

Alessia Fracchini

My summer in Nottingham

Alessia, tell us about your experience at Accademia della Moda
“After I got Diploma, I was at a stop for a year in order to decide which kind of school attending to be sure to get ahead, so I decided to enrol at Accademia. Now I am attending the second year, and everything is going better and better, lectures are fun and interesting, I have found very nice mates, and I’m lucky I have very professional teachers.”
A special memory linked to your studies at Accademia
“Among a lot of memories, even if I’m still at school, I always smile if I think about the pre-exams, each time I have one anxiety helps me to give more and more.”
What can you image for you career?
“I hope to finish my studies with a lot of skills in order to go to work in a big company, and keep on improving. I always dream to be chosen by a big designer for an internship, maybe the one who will be at my final work as president of commission.”
Tell us abuot your experience in Nottingham, some good story
“When I won the scholarship, I couldn’t realize it was right me, then I went to Nottingham and I understood it was true! I lived in a foster home with people from Senegal and Jamaica. In the morning I was used to get up very early to go in the parks around to take pictures, then at nine I was used to go to school. From Monday to Friday, I attended the class lections together with people coming from many part of the world, Brazilian, Arabian, Chinese, and 2 Italians. In the afternoon, I was used to go for a walk around the city alone or with an Arabic mate. A good story I remember: the householder organized a party for me. Everything was perfect, everybody was happy, there were many people, good food, good music. They cooked grilled Indian corn, when a squirrel jumped on the table and started eating one of them. That evening was already beautiful, squirrel made it unforgettable!”