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Mobility of Students and Staff

Academic Credit System

Accademia della Moda will fully recognize the educative activities its students will attend in one of the European or extra-European partner Universities/Academies with which we will stipulate official Bilateral Agreement, and where they are using a credit system same or similar as ECTS system.
For the credit transfer of studies made in foreign universities, student must present a document that will certify the exams made and passed in the partner university. An ECTS credit is equivalent to an Academic Course Credit.
When the annual Announcement of mobility programs will be published, student must make application by presentation of a Learning Agreement developed together with the Coordinator of the department and approved without reservation by the teachers of the subjects that student decided to make abroad. Student will be helped by the Coordinator in choosing the best modules that are suitable to his/her study plan to follow at the partner Institution.
We will give the greatest flexibility for the selection of the educative activities to follow at the hosting University/Academy. These activities will fully replace the ones student has in his/her original study plan, and we will make sure of the fully coherence of activities made abroad to the educative targets of our courses. There is not an objective unambiguous conformity in credits among each educative activities of two partner Universities, so we will replace a package of activities our student will attend in a hosting university with a package of activities he/she has in the original study plan.
Students who will make a placement abroad will receive a number of credits based on the total number of internship hours certified by the hosting business or company, also considering the targets included in the previous agreement.


The grading system is as follows:
Marks from 1 to 17,99 non-sufficient/fail Marks from 18 to 23,99 sufficient
Marks from 24 to 26,99 good Marks from 27 to 28,99 Notable
Marks from 29 to 30 distinction (Excellent)
The minimum passage grade is 18.