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Mobility of Students and Staff

Transcript of Records

When outgoing students come back from mobility, Erasmus Coordinator and Department Coordinator will verify by Transcript of Records that all the activities planned in the Learning Agreement have been successfully treated and passed. Later, they will edit a memo with the original name of the teaching units they have attended (in Italian and in English) and the credits they got; memo will be sent to the School Office and then recorded in the students’ curriculum.
Marks the students got abroad will be translated correlating ECTS scale developed by Accademia della Moda with the one developed by hosting university.
In accordance to the spirit of Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, we will recognize credits that students get during mobility in a clear way, and credits will be considered integral part of student’s study plan. They won’t have to attend more courses and/or to sit for any of the examinations that are in the agreement the students sign.
If a student will make some particular activity during his/her mobility that are not included in the Learning Agreement, and in the count of credits (for example, personal or collective expositions, artistic production that is more than an ordinary work, participation in workshops, and so on), the Credit Transfer Commission can recognize credits for the activities at free choice included in the study plan, after a detailed documentation.