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Costanza Di Paola

Since now I have no regrets!

"Before attending Accademia della Moda I got a diploma in accountancy, a completely different field.
Little by little I realized that my real passion was something else, so I decided to attend Accademia della Moda…I remember my days in this school with melancholy; they has been very good studies for me.
Big opportunities for me had been the competitions I took part in. I remember with great satisfaction the fashion show “Napoli cultural classic” where I got to the final…my works published on the newspaper “Modaè”; school final fashion shows…and at the end, the special mention I got from Gaetano Navarra during my final work. Now I’m going to finish my internship to Les Copains.
First two months I worked in haute couture product office together with Giambattista Valli, and I followed the Sring Summer 2012 collection production…then they proposed me working at the knitting department, and I decided to change because knitwear is a field few people is able to work in, but above all because I like it very much!
In this company I have the opportunity to learn a new software used by big companies like Benetton and Stefanel…so, what can I say! Since now I have no regrets!”