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Telling abuot us

Simona Testa

Me at Les Copains

"For what concern my previous education, I attended Second Level College of Science, very far from everything is art or fashion. But this field has always been my big passion since I was a child, and I nourished it together with my education! I have always sketched, drawn, designed, and created many things till I went to Accademia della Moda after my Diploma.
In Accademia I spento ne of the best periodo f my life…I learnt a lot…and I also opened my mind to many new horizons. I had wonderful teachers…Anna and Barbara, with them I had a relation that was better than the one between a teacher and a pupil. They helped me to find the best part of my creativity.
I have no special memories, since it have been 3 full and rich years during which I met people, had new opportunities. I had the opportunity to start 2 internship in two different fashion companies…now I’m in Bologna finishing one of these experiences.
In Les Copains I’m growing professionally and humanely. Living alone far from my town with new people, working in a big company…new different steps, I like it very much!
I’m learning new business methods, methods I didn’t know and I’m fascinated by them…new tasks I didn’t imagine that strike me more than a mere drowing…in the future I hope to be very happy about my job…I would like to be manager of a brand…to deal with the managing and designing of the sketches and fabrics till the production, and at the end the fashion show! …that’s my manager’s job, I’m starting doing it with her…and I love it!”