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Footwear Pattern Maker: CAD Operator

Starting from the template prepared by the designer and laid out flat, students learn to use footwear CAD systems to make all the modifications needed to obtain the pieces making up the pattern, develop the desired sizes while making any type of correction, and cut the final pattern.


This initial phase analyses the features of the work program that the user needs to know. It then continues with template digitisation and inputting of basic data into the CAD system memory. Finally students learn the procedures for modifying and producing the pieces.

Shoe size development

This module deals with the computerised creation of shoe sizes starting from the development centres up to the specific development for each type of size format. The size format is an essential element in assuring the comfort of any footwear.


Cutting the pattern is the final step in the CAD process and can be performed on different types of material, such as cardboard, hide, leather, etc.


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Technical form


The professional figure trained in this course is that of technical operator for the design and prototyping of footwear using CAD systems (Computer Aided Design) which significantly cut preparation time and costs. By using hi-tech computer systems, the FOOTWEAR PATTERN MAKER CAD OPERATOR learns to make different types of models and complete lines of footwear, starting from the template up to the cutting of the patterns.


Technology is now a compulsory stepping stone for any footwear business hoping for professional growth. The use of CAD systems speeds up footwear production and enhances the pattern-maker's job. The Footwear Pattern Maker and CAD Operator is a much sought after figure and can work in the design sector and research and development for the footwear industry. The Accademia della Moda is firmly committed to training students to use this innovative technology and constantly monitors the market to keep up to date on the latest techniques and machinery.